Small gains in performance equal lots of money and lots of time in this day and
age.  Not only that, truly innovative ways to gain in performance are few and far
between.  We at Product Development Group believe  the all new AirTek
Pressure Controls System will revolutionize the way racers in all forms of
motorsports control and monitor tire pressure.

The critical nature of tire pressure is readily apparent in a drag race application
where 1/10th of a pound pressure setting change can mean blowing the tires off
and losing the race.  We all know the old saying that horsepower doesn't do you
any good if you can't put it on the ground.  This goes for every form of

Your tires are the only thing on the ground so you better take as much control of
their function as you possibly can.  

The system technology of AirTek is just common sense.  Taking advantage of
the high degree of accuracy and repeatability of todays high end gauges is all
but impossible.  The century old technology of todays valve stems (Schrader
valves) and the manual pig tail air chuck and gauge, simply won't cut it!  This
method is not accurate and will not repeat pressure readings.  The AirTek trigger
grip manifold and our specially designed valve stems form a closed loop system
that takes full advantage of todays high end gauges.  Plug it in and you have the
option of reading pressure, adding pressure or bleeding pressure.  This is
literally a click in-click out quick connect tire valve.  You loose no air pressure
connecting-disconnecting or reading pressure.  You will get pressure readings
that repeat within 1/100th of a pound time after time.  You can also change the
bleeder jet size (orifice size) to fit the needs of a go kart sized tire all the way to a
Top Fuel Dragster Tire.  AirTek combines all facets of tire pressure regulation in
one hand held trigger grip manifold.
Why  AirTek Pressure Controls?
Why do we Baseline a Race Car?
It's simple, we have a point from which we control all the variables.  AirTek takes
all the variables out of the tire pressure equation - completely!  There are
hundreds of considerations in obtaining the ultimate performance level from
your race car.  Why would you not take advantage of a system that allows you
total control of every aspect of tire pressure, even to the point it effects chassis
Left Rear
Right Rear
Left Front
Right Front
Example of quad manifold hook up for scaling
with AirTek systems
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