We have been in the product development business since 1986 and up until 2004 doing business as ART (Advanced Research
Technologies). ART brought numerous products to the marketplace from re-coil towing systems, to air equalization systems,
magneto wire hold down systems and battery connectors, just to name a few.

The marketing side of the company operated under the name PLAN B MARKETING and we have since brought all facets of the
business under the umbrella of Product Development Group LLC.  PLAN B MARKETING was instrumental in securing major
corporate sponsorships for many top level professional racing teams.

Some of our recent products are the FLO-FAST fluid transfer systems, AirTek Pressure Controls and the Tow Snake towing device.

FLO-FAST was introduced to the racing market in December of 2005 at the PRI Trade Show (Performance Racing Industry).  From
all indications the FLO-FAST product is everything that we anticipated.  This system has a multitude of applications in all forms of
professional motorsports, recreational motorsports, commercial services,  and industrial applications throughout the world.
FLO-FAST Product Line

AirTek is a pressure control system that was introduced at the 2008 PRI Trade Show.  The AirTek system will revolutionize the way
air pressure is regulated, especially in the racing business.  Please go to the
AirTek product line for specifics.

Tow Snake is a unique tow strap that makes towing simple and safe.  It automatically eliminates the risk of running over the tow
strap when towing any type of vehicle.
Tow Snake Product Line

We will continue to be a leader in product innovation and development.  PDG plans to expand our presence in the racing and
motorsports business as well as expanding the distribution of our products to the commercial and industrial markets.
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AirTek is a patented product of Product Development LLC - U.S. Patent # 7,882,731 and Foreign Patents Pending
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